All the photographs on this web site have been taken by me, except of course those that feature me. In fact, those must have been the more difficult ones. I was there. I know. 

As for the rest, I can assure you that they would not be what they are without that last dab on the nose, the ‘just a moment’ flick of the finger through the hair, that reflector ‘half inch to the left please’.  Stark as some of the images may seem I can still see coffee cups lying in there. Silent as some of the pictures are, I can still hear some of the debates in there. I can see a lot of hands, feet, elbows, minds and voices in there that you probably can't.

As for those young photographers who are taught that photography is all about light and composition alone, well, they are wrong.

For those names that I might overlook in appreciation of their contribution here below, please sign the guest book. Nothing is more exciting than a nice argument between friends.

Mayur Hajare, Vilasdada Vardham, Cory Walia, Kapil Bhalla, Vipul Bhagat, Marvie Beck, Yatin Deshpande, Adhuna Babhani, and Bondu for not just doing up a face. Jyoti Mane, Linda Menezes, Nanda Tolani, Dar and Kanta for all the hair styling.

Vinayak Mishal of Profoto Labs, Mazda Color Labs, Standard Supply Co, Mitter Bedi, Sunil Nasta Labs and Hemant Bhende for all the processing and printing.

Freddy Poonawalla of Comart, for scanning my pictures.

Unni, Rajesh, Ranajit and Nilesh at Target Audience for setting up this entire web site.

Melody Da Cunha, Sarita Kottuju, Delreen Motiwalla, Sharon, Benaf, Rani Jeyaraj, Joey Matthews, Ujjwala Raut, Jude Rosemeyer, Tarana Raja, Rohan, Vrajesh, Avan Mehta, Rohan, Khorshed Aunty, Anosh, Nina and Niket for their beautiful faces, hands, feet, mood and time that they gave to the images. 

Shiamak Davar, for the use of his company dancers and all his support through my career.

Glen and Shiraz for anything, anytime, anyday. 

Aubrey Sequeira of Goldwire for all his guidance.

Mr. R. Vasudevan and Venketash of Janini Photographers. 

Bahadur, Umesh, and Paresh for fixing, picking up, delivering and smiling through the shoots.

A special hug to my niece Zeena of Fine Impressions for her expertise. Also ramseesiquieria. 

Mayura, Vikram and Abhay for helping out with the design.

My assistants Vikram Pathak, Niket Mistry, Tanvi Mehta, Prashant, Nilesh Kunte, Abhay Singh, Vikram Gawde, Mayura Yadav and Ryan Mendis for every shadow, highlight, background, meter reading but most of all for their affection and I dare say, the odd disapproval. 

Thank You All.

 © 1998 Boman Irani